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Every year we aim to keeps fees down to a minimum. Football operation is our number 1 priority.

Is this League Competitive?

This League is competitive! AFL has recognized talent from many different Universities all over Canada as well as top-notch players who dressed for different organizations within the CFL. Everyone who plays wants to WIN!! 

How Long has this League been around?

The AFL was first started in 1984 with the Calgary Crude and the Calgary Cowboys. It has grown over the years from as many as 10 teams spanning as far north as Ft. McMurray to Calgary. In 1999 the AFL started a National Championship game which would see the winner of the Alberta Conference play the winner of the Eastern Conference. Since then that game has changed to playing against the Northern Football Conference with teams in Ontario and Quebec. 

What is the commitment like with this team?

Commitment to the team is expected!  We are very understanding when it comes to other commitments. We understand that most players at this level have a life outside of football, so we are very understanding when life happens.

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